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“While I was recovering from a broken hip and hip replacement surgery, I felt discomfort in my mouth and gums. After I was out of  rehab, I visited a dentist who said that I had an infection in my front tooth that needed to be taken care of as soon as possible. He recommended pulling the tooth. My daughter, who lives nearby, also knew that infection can be very serious for someone who has had joint replacement and questioned whether the tooth could be saved. She suggested I visit Dr. Mintzer for a second opinion, which was very fortunate indeed.

Dr. Mintzer gave me a very thorough exam and asked about all the medications that I take before recommending a course of treatment to eliminate the infection and save not just one front tooth-but two. I also learned that one of the medications that I’ve taken in the past can possibly hinder the bone from healing if a tooth is pulled. Dr. Mintzer performed a root canal on one of the teeth and referred me to an excellent specialist for the second root canal, which was much more complicated.

Dr. Mintzer also gave me some very helpful tips for taking care of my teeth and gums on a regular basis. He’s such a gentle dentist, and I appreciate all the work he has done to help keep me healthy and smiling.”

-Mary Shelley, Dearborn, MI


“30 years ago ago, I found Dr. Mintzer’s number in the yellow pages. Thank goodness I did; without hesitation he met me at his office, which I’ve always appreciated since he was not my doctor at the time and it was after hours. He relieved me of a miserable tooth and has been my doctor for 30 years now. He and his staff are the greatest, always friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Mintzer.”

Jo P., Dearborn, MI


“I have been a patient of Dr. Mintzer for almost 30 years. That alone, speaks for itself. You will not find a more personable, professional, and compassionate dentist and the same attributes apply to his entire staff.

I challenge ANYBODY to find a finer DDS.”

-Mark R., Allen Park, MI


“When we were looking for a family dentist, my sister and her husband raved about their dentist and we made an appointment. Dr. Mintzer, after discovering my fear of dentists and pain, soothed my fears and assured me that his first priority was to provide pain free care as much as possible. He was true to his word.
My family has been with him for over twenty years because of the customer service, professionalism, and the gentle but thorough care he provides.”

-Elizabeth A., Dearborn, MI


“As several other patients have indicated, my history with Dr. Mintzer extends back over 30 years. My parents, both of whom were Dearborn residents, began going to Dr. Mintzer when he was a new dentist, with a young practice. They saw qualities in him that gave them the confidence to recommend him to me, once I returned to Michigan. I have been a patient since that time. He possesses qualities that make you trust him, feel comfortable while he is working on you and is as gentle and professional as can be.
I am reminded of a situation about 6 years ago when my son, a college senior, was involved in a fight where he sustained a strong blow to his jaw. Although taken to the university hospital for examination, he was released. We were told his jaw was not broken. Several days later he was still complaining of soreness. Dr. Mintzer examined him and noticed an unexplainable sensitivity he had in his jaw. His conclusion was that, indeed, his jaw was fractured. With his accurate diagnosis, we were able to work together to find an oral surgeon who wired his jaw shut for the next six weeks, giving it time to heal.
I often think of the damage my son could have done to his mouth if the situation had not been properly diagnosed. To this day, Dr. Mintzer pays particular attention to Michael’s jaw each and every time he comes in, just to make sure there are no residual effects.
Three generations of my family have been, and will continue to be, patients of Dr. Mintzer. As my parents did before me, I have trusted him with my most valuable possessions, my children. He is a wise man who looks at the entire patient, and their history, before making a recommendation. We’re very lucky to call him our dentist.”

-Martha F., Bloomfield Hills, MI


Dr. Mintzer’s Familiar Patient Stories

By sharing these stories, I hope you’ll learn more about how we can help you with your dental needs-whether for emergencies or routine dental care.

Hitting the pavement

An eight year-old boy hit a rough patch of concrete on the sidewalk, fell on his face and broke two front top teeth. His parents were able to rush him to my office within 20 minutes. I carefully removed all the debris from his upper and lower lips and chin, and cleansed the soft tissue. As a temporary measure to help manage the pain and eliminate the risk of infection, I bonded and sealed the broken teeth. Later, after the tissue had healed, I restored his teeth to their proper form and function.

Oops, no more tears

Ever wonder how many times this happens? The mother of a six month-old was holding her daughter when the infant’s head jerked and hit  the mom in the mouth, breaking her front teeth. Fortunately, the husband brought his wife to visit me the same day, and I prepared the remainder of the tooth for a crown. I applied a temporary covering to help her go about her busy schedule for the next few days, before she received a permanent porcelain-gold crown.

It’s the dog’s fault

You can imagine the embarrassment of one of my senior patients whose dog had chewed up his full upper denture. After several visits, I was able to give him a new denture with fully restored form and function. What a relief to have his teeth and smile back!

Tooth Tips

If a tooth is knocked out of the mouth, place it immediately into a glass of milk and get to the dentist.

If you can do this within one hour, there is a much greater opportunity for the tooth to be saved and repositioned in the existing socket.

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